Tanya works primarily in pastel pencils on velour paper, but also like to experiment with oil painting, watercolours, charcoal, pencils and mixed media. Her preference is pet portraiture, however, she has had several commissions for still life, landscapes and portraiture. She believes that having a life model is a good way to practise drawing. She is also talented in sculpture and crafts.

‘For me Art is my way of relaxing,  I have a huge love of wildlife and animals which is reflected in most of my work. Family and friends always inspire me when they give positive comments about my work, it gives me the confidence to keep going and carry on with what I love to do’. 

Tanya has been painting for about 10 years, but has always had a love of art and craft from a very early age. Since her children have grown up, she spends more time concentrating on her artwork and discovering her new-found talent. She currently works as an Art Technician at a secondary school and so is inspired by the students in the environment. She then studied an A Level in Art and Design at the school in 2010 and has since then been continuing her practise. 





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